Amazon Echo Auto, the device for Alexa to accompany you when you go in the car

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José Manuel Nieves


Updated:17/06/2020 02:12pm


Starting today, you will not be required to be at home or talk to the mobile to give any statement to Alexa. In fact, we may do it quietly while we drive, without the need of touching the phone and only with the voice. And all thanks to a small and powerful device newly released by Amazon. It’s called Echo Auto and, as its name indicates, is especially designed to be used on the interior of a car.

In the words of Eric Saarnio, vice president of Amazon Devices, EU, “with the Echo Auto, users can enjoy the features of Alexa, as you travel, play music, make calls, or to manage alarms and reminders. And all this just with the voice.”

The new member of the already extensive family Echo comes equipped with eight microphones especially designed to listen to our instructions even if we have the music start, and despite the noise of the engine or the air conditioning. To use the device will plug in through a power outlet of 12 volts (for example, the cigarette lighter of the car) or the built-in USB port. The necessary cables are included. The connection with the sound equipment of the car is done via Bluetooth or, in its defect, through an audio jack of 3.5 mm of the own radio of the vehicle.

To link the device to our account on Alexa, the procedure is always the same: through the “app” is installed on the mobile we will be able to add the new Echo Auto the rest of the devices that we already have.

The new Echo Auto it is of small dimensions, narrow and elongatedfeatures a band of state is illuminated in blue, green, or orange, as the speakers Echo. At the top, eight small holes reveal the situation of the microphones. There are also two buttons, one action and the other to mute the device when necessary.

The new “toy” from Amazon is available from today to a price of 59,99 euro.

New skills

Amazon has also announced its new platform Alexa Skill Blueprints, especially designed for any user without need of technical knowledge, can design and add at the time of their own skills to all your devices to Alexa, and also share them with friends or relatives through social networks or e-mail.

The operation is very simple. Just go to the website, sign in and start designing. The user will find a series of ready-made templates and fully editable: Questions and personalized answers, to-dos, who you touch…, how Many days absences… Jokes, Guests in house, Compliments or pending Tasks. Simply enter in any of them, write the question that we want Alexa to react, add various types of different response and activate the new skill. Then, simply approach any device Alexa that we have at home and ask the question.

The procedure it’s downright fun. We can also make our own summary of the daily news, or post conferences or presentations for anyone to listen to them, or to prepare flashcards. Most of the skills that we believe can be shared instantly with other users.



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