Seite 4 – Ministerratsbeschluss Nr. (6) aus dem Jahr 2020 über die Billigung der Vorschriften für Nabelschnurblut- und Stammzellen-Lagerzentren

Introductory Chapter: General Provisions


                Country               :  United Arab Emirates
                Health Authorities  :  The Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Department of Health –
                                          Abu Dhabi, Dubai Health Authority, Sharjah Health Authority and
                                          Dubai Healthcare City authority.

                The Committee         :  The Supreme Committee of Cord blood and Stem Cells established
                                          pursuant to this Decision.

                Cord  Blood  and  :  The health facility that grants, collects, tests, equips, keeps, stores,
                Stem Cells Storage        distributes, imports, exports and executes procedures related to Cord
                Centers                   Blood  and  Stem  Cells,  and  other  nuclei  cells  derived  from
                                          hematopoietic cells such as bone marrow, peripheral blood, and cord

                Allogeneic Use        :  Refers  to  the  cells  or  tissues  that  are  taken  from  one  person  and
                                          transplanted to another.

                Autologous use        :  Means the cells or tissues that are taken from and transplanted to the
                                          same person.

                Authorized            :  Those persons authorized to carry out specific tasks in the field of
                Employees                 dealing with cord blood and stem cells, and this person is required to
                                          receive adequate knowledge and training in this regard.

                Blood components  :  The main therapeutic components of human blood (red blood cells,
                                          white  blood  cells,  platelets,  and  plasma)  that  can  be  prepared  in
                                          several  ways,  with  the  exception  of  lymphocytes  intended  for  use
                                          after transplanting blood-producing stem cells.

                Blood                 :  It is the whole blood that is taken from the donor, and it is been treated
                                          either for transportation or any other manufacturing purposes.

                Cells                 :  Human cells or a group of human cells when they do not take any
                                          form of connective tissue.

                Critical cases        :  The cases that may affect the quality and/or safety of tissues and cells.
                Direct Use            :  Any action that is made by donating tissues and using them without
                                          previously storing them.

                Distribution          :  Transfer and delivery of tissues intended for human use.
                Distributor           :  The  person  assigned  by  the  facility  that  oversees  the  provision  of
                                          transfer services of cells or tissues intended for distribution by those

               *In case of any misinterpretation, the Arabic version of this legislation prevails

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